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New Year New Me

It's New Year Eve, time to put on your glitteriest shiniest partiest clothes, pop open a bottle of bubbly, drink the whole thing yourself, watch the fireworks and start the new year right. Right?

January 1st - the day everyone walks around like someone else. Wrong. If they have any sense, they'll be walking around knackered from the night before!

Last year I was adamant that new years resolutions were stupid, as was the saying 'Happy New Year!'. Nobody can make a drastic long-term change in one day, nobody can birth a new personality overnight and nobody knows what a whole 12 months is going to bring them. Sure, you can plan your 12 months to the T, but sometimes life gets in the way and you can't follow that plan. 12 months is a long time and more often than not priorities change, and that art project you started in January is no longer your style come December.

me last New Years Eve. With sparkles on my head. yay

This year I very much believe the same, resolutions are stupid. But I also understand the need for a fresh start. I won't be making myself a 12 month plan because I know how things (*cough* cancer *cough*) can get in your way and completely change plans, but I will probably set myself a couple of aims. Like trying to read more, and run more.

Idea - instead of wanting to change ourselves and continuously telling ourselves to 'be better' in 2018, we should be proud of things that we already have achieved, and the good that we already have. My aim is to try and not feel guilty if I'm a bit hungover tomorrow. ha. jokes...

But really that's something I and flipping social media (sorry) needs to enact more. Instead of self-deprecating we should be more... self-complimenting... All those 'join the gym! start now! be a better person!' messages on Instagram are just stupid. You do you, and continue being the best you. Because, you're worth it.

I like to take new year's eve and new year's day as an opportunity to have fun and spend times with friends and family, and celebrate/put behind me the positives and negatives of the last year. Let's all go out and have carazzzaaay fun!

to 2018 - a whole bloody 12 months where lots of good and also lots of bad things will happen. Let's just all try have a smashing couple of days eh?

Happy New Year!!

M x

p.s. I'm not always this cynical. I swear. (I think).

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