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Scan Results!

I'm not really sure what this cat has to do with anything but isn't it funny? Isn't it?

This post has been a bit delayed/a long time coming, because I've been busy with my final exam but at last I have a bit of me time so here I am!

A week or so ago I had a little "trip" back to London for a visit to UCLH for my regular chest CT. As explained in my last post about Scanxiety, it was very nerve wracking, but the results that came back were good! The growth of the cancer in my lungs is still stable, with very little change to remark on since my last few scans. At this moment in time this is the best news we could have hoped for.

Much to my joy I won't be having another scan now for a full 6 months. As the growth is so small there's little benefit in coming in again in 3 months, as a 6 month gap will give a more clear idea of the rate of growth and situation. More importantly it means I can finish the rest of my year abroad in Rome with no medical distractions, what more could I ask for?! And it also means I'll be without any scanxiety for a much longer stretch of time which is great.

Obviously, if I begin feeling any symptoms or that anything is wrong within these next 6 months that's a whole other story, but for now in my eyes I've got 6 months at least ahead of me to live like a normal 20 year old. I've also realised it will be the longest amount of time since before my diagnosis that I've gotten completely to myself, with zero hospital appointments, scans, ops, anything. Yay!

There's not much else to report on the matter (and that in itself is a huge relief). I've feeling very well in myself, and very much looking forward to the rest of my year abroad. If anyone has any questions do feel free to comment below this!

Next blog coming very soon - I'm hoping to knock out a lot with this new found free(ish) time.

Ciao for now!

M x

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