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  • Madeleine Cowey

So, this is Christmas

Hi all, and Merry Festivities!!

The Christmas season is nearly over and I am finally making time to write a blog post (to be honest I'm just procrastinating from all the mind-numbing degree work I should be doing).

My Christmas pretty much kickstarted with the Santa Dash for Great Ormond Street Hospital at the start of the month. It went surprisingly well, by which I mean I was surprised I could actually run 5k - next goal is 10k! My lovely boyfriend ran with me, another surprise, and I rather enjoyed seeing him squeeze his unusually small Santa hat on. It was surreal being surrounded by thousands of people in Santa suits!

A few days later the two of us took an incredible trip to Berlin, and I can confirm that Germany at Christmas time is adorable. So many festive markets, full of warm spiced treats, gorgeous lights and cosy wooden stalls, truly the image of Christmas. Not only was Berlin the perfect place to enjoy a delicious cup of Glühwein, but it is such an interesting city, with an infamous history that I was intrigued to learn more about. All in all a good holiday, even though I was quite unwell for most of the week!

Back from Berlin, I enjoyed a lovely mini-Christmas with some of my best friends from school - think lots of food, drink and charades, a pretty perfect day in my books! The day for me ended up in

a nightclub with my brother, that consisted of a LOT of glitter, fake snow and Santa hats being thrown into the crowds.

Christmas day itself was spent with my family, including two of the newest additions, my baby twin cousins. In their adorable Christmassy red dresses they made 2018 Christmas memorable for me. I'm just hoping soon they'll be able to use the xylophone I gifted them properly instead of just shoving it in their mouths...

Last year I wrote about how New Years makes me feel and this year I feel no different. The whole idea of it being such a massive deal really riles me, that people are encouraged to completely change themselves all of a sudden in the new year, that we're expected to look back at our year and judge our self worth on how it was. I hate it all. A year is a long time! I probably won't make another post about it but it has been on my mind in these weird inbetweeny days leading up to New Year's Eve. I am definitely not a Scrooge, I love the festivities of this season, but I hate the pressure put on us to become better people on January 1st, particularly as the first couple months of the year are often the hardest and gloomiest for people.

Despite this I am ready to put on my party shoes and dance the night away on the 31st! Any excuse.*

I hope you all had a great Christmas, or at least a mediocre one, and don't feel too bad if your resolutions for January are to just continue as you have been doing. We're only human.

Until next time!! M x

P.s You can still donate for the Santa Dash here:

All donations, big and small are more than welcome, every little helps and encourages me to continue fundraising!

Thank you so much!!

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