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Wind creds _nothankyou_13 thank you!!_So

Photo of my scars from the amazing Behind the Scars project by Sophie Mayanne. 

Hi! My name's Maddie, I have a rare type of cancer called alveolar soft part sarcoma and I love talking about it!
This blog is my way of documenting and sharing my experiences with sarcoma. I have found it really difficult to find friendly spaces with useful and reassuring information about sarcoma through my diagnosis and treatment, so I hope this blog can provide that for someone! 
I am incredibly passionate about making living with sarcoma easier for people, and about raising awareness of this often forgotten-about disease. 
As well as a standing-up-to-cancer fan, I am also a music and food lover, an avid traveller, a linguist, a feminist, a Netflix-binger and am known to be a bit of a nerd. 
I am happy, chatty, and oftentimes very silly.
This blog is a safe and happy space. All views are my own. Please read, enjoy, like, comment and share as much as you desire. 
Love, M x 


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