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What am I doing?

This month CancerResearchUK have been encouraging people to partake in the 'veg pledge', i.e. going veggie for the month of November to raise money. Since it's over a year since I last raised money by giving up alcohol for a month, I thought I was due another fundraising stint. However, seen as just giving up meat and fish is apparently not enough of a challenge I have also been skipping the chocolate this month. Let me tell you, that is the real struggle. Chocolate is a crutch to me, it's my one true love. I miss it. But all for a good cause, eh?

Why Cancer Research?

Granted, I feel like it would make more sense for me to raise money for SarcomaUK, as that represents the type of cancer that I have. However I thought I'd spread the love, you know? To be honest, I think because Cancer Research is a bigger charity, it spreads more awareness about fundraising ideas - I was just drawn to this one. In my opinion any credible charity is worth raising money for, and particularly for me, any cancer charity. Cancer is still killing too many people, more money is always needed for research and I won't stop raising for the cause until we have treatments for every type of cancer. Luckily, I have very supportive family who also raise for Cancer Research, and hold events also for SarcomaUK.

Experimenting with tofu!

Being Vegetarian

On their website, Cancer Research lists the benefits of eating less meat and fish. One of those being reducing your risk of Bowel Cancer. So it does seem a very fitting way to raise money towards cancer research!! I'm actually enjoying it a lot, my food obsession means I'm loving trying new foods and recipes, and trying to find protein from alternative sources. It also benefits the environment, so like, win-win?

What you can do to help

If you want to help me along, you could donate on my Giving page (*hint hint*), my aim is £300, but last year I raised nearly £700 (donate here:!

Every donation, big or small motivates me to keep going and every time I crave chocolate or some fried chicken I just think of the good that money could do. But if you don't want to or cannot donate, there are so many other ways to help:

1) Simply sharing a cancer awareness post on social media, reaching out and informing more people is a continuous help.

2) Volunteer for a charity - for example in a charity shop, or on fundraising events, or bucket collecting.

3) Fundraising yourself by taking on a challenge like this, or doing something more proactive such as running a 10 km race or a marathon or jumping out of a plane.

The options are endless, and many don't really take up much of your own time.

Thanks for reading, and if anybody has blogged before and has any tips or constructive criticism it would be greatly appreciated!

Until next time, M x

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