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14 Ways to Cheer Someone Up

I could write about how to cheer up someone with cancer, but I can't represent every person with cancer. I do however have my fair share of experience with sadness: sad friends, family, strangers, and being sad myself, and I thought it would be sweet to write a short guide on how you can help someone when they are sad. (Some to be taken on a case-by-case basis; perhaps even with a pinch of salt).

Also, apparently it's self-care week!! How fitting.


1. Listen to them. Let them talk it all out. Give them an ear. Be interested. They may just need to vent.

2. Hug it out. Like seriously, squeeze all the sadness away. It doesn't always heal, but why not boost those oxytocin/serotonin levels, eh?

3. Build a den. Cannot recommend enough. All ages inclusive.

4. Let them cry. Tell them it's okay, and let them wet your shoulder with their tears if needs be. Bit grim, but it'll dry

5. Bring them chocolate.

6. Make them nachos (if sweets aren't their jam (did I just make a pun?))

7. Offer a hot beverage. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot Ribena, hot milk. The options are endless. And probably serve it with a biscuit, they'll need it.

8. If you're not living nearby or with the sad person, give them a call, offer to video call. If they're having a rough time maybe send a care package or just a letter in the post. We all like to feel loved and these are really cute little gestures.

9. Leave, if they tell you to leave. But make sure they know you are there if they need you.

10. Spend some time with the sad person. Watch a movie together. Have a little sleepover. Sometimes when we're sad we want to be alone, other times we need company.

11. Drink wine together and wallow in each other's sadness.

12. If and when they stop crying, make sure they have lots of soft tissues (nobody wants to blow their nose with cardboard), and let them rinse their face. They'll feel tonnes better. Nothing like a good splash of cold water.

13. Hand holding. I heard somewhere that hand holding is another amazing way of reducing stress and negative emotions. If that sense of security is there a sad person is bound to feel at least a bit better than when there was nobody holding their hand.

finally, my favourite:

14. Stroke their hair. Or give them a massage or back rub. Stress-relieving and also just plain amazing. Massages and being rubbed or getting a back scratch or just having my hair brushed is one of my favourite feelings in the world. May sound weird but if you are close enough I would definitely give this is a go.

These are not magical cures, just a few cute ideas of mine. What do you guys do when someone you love is upset? What do you appreciate when you're upset yourself?

A presto!

M x


Donate to my fundraising page for Cancer Research HERE! I'm giving up meat and chocolate for the month of November to raise money!

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