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Things that make me smile

On a similar topic to my last post about cheering someone up, and self care week(!!!) here is a list of things that make me, personally, smile (apart from this GIF):

1. Seeing family or friends or my boyfriend after some time apart.

2. Playing the ukulele.

3. Stroking my cat. Or just cats and/or animals in general.

4. Watching dodie on YouTube (@doddleoddle online) - no h8ers pls.

5. Baking, cooking, food shopping, eating in, eating out... food.

6. Receiving a back massage..

7. Hot chocolates (with cream, and marshmallows. Duh.)

8. Infectious laughter.

9. Hugs, nice long ones.

10. Seeing my loved ones smile, or laugh.

11. My boyfriend tripping over. (sorry)

12. My little sister beating my brother, at anything. Always hilarious.

13. Massive cosy jumpers.

14. The starlings in Rome.

15. Sunsets.

Many others. I'm a very smiley person. And these are definitely in no particular order.

M x


Donate to my fundraising page for Cancer Research HERE! I'm giving up meat and chocolate for the month of November to raise money!

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