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Charity Santa Run

Happy advent everyone!!

me and salmon. mm.

How are we all liking the Christmas cheer?

Whether you are a scrooge or a Christmas-fanatic, this is the time of year for loving and giving and caring - and charity. My month of fundraising is over, and how worth it it was to give up chocolate (my bae) and meat for a month for such an amazing cause. (You can still donate here if you'd like!) I celebrated with sushi, and a kinder advent calendar, and smoked salmon, and Cocopops, and chocolate panettone, and let me tell you, it was great. I felt fairly unwell by the end of it but it was SO worth it. So far we've managed to raise over £1000 (including gift aid) and I honestly couldn't be happier!! (May have also celebrated with some cheeky Prosecco!)

I'm so grateful to have such an amazing support system of family and friends around me - even from thousands of miles away - helping me to raise as much money and awareness as possible, it really wouldn't have been possible without them, and my chocolate ban would have been fruitless. So thank you so so much to anyone who has donated already, and those who have supported the cause. And thank you to anyone else reading this who also stands up for a cause or charity you believe in because really you're just fab. It's fab. Thank you.

Chocolate has put me in an incredibly cheery mood. Can you tell?

Ciao for now, thanks for reading and please subscribe - I'll be posting at least once a week!

M x

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