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Happy Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I've been feeling very festive this year, which is something that may sound obvious, but I haven't felt this Christmassy for a couple years. My festivity is down to a mixture of missing home whilst being in Rome, thus being more excited about being home for Christmas, and also spending Christmas this year with some good news.

Having had a chest CT in October that indicated stable/little growth in my lung mets, this is the first Christmas in the last 2 years when we've not been landed with some bad news (touch wood ha..!). As mentioned in My Diagnosis post, two years ago I was in the midst of my primary diagnosis, and last year I had just been told about the spread to my lungs, so as you can imagine it was a bit more difficult to relax! But this year in comparison is stress free.

And for the first time in ages I am feeling quite positive about everything. That could just be the Christmas decorations and food and family (just look at our tree!), but I like to hope that this Christmas and the new year will bring good things.

People often say that Christmas is a stressful time (think "mum and dad can hardly wait for school to start again"), and they're probably right. But for me, it also means time spent at home, with good food, and my family, and... more food. I hope you all do things that you enjoy, eat plenty of food, and enjoy spending time with family, it's the most wonderful time of the year after all!!

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings!

M x

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