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Get To Know me? haha

I'm meant to be revising, so I thought, what better than to write a crappy blog post?! I find personality quizzes and the like very interesting because understanding me and why I do things is often a mystery to me, so I'm going to be answering these 20 questions I found online that YouTubers often do as a 'tag'... I've explained that awfully but maybe you'll learn something really cool about me so I suggest you read on. Also if you haven't seen the connected video to this cat GIF you are missing out.

1.A thing you cannot leave the house without?

Um, a bottle of water. My boyfriend can confirm this. I mean also my keys, but,

duh? oh and lip-balm (Carmex all the way) because nobody needs chapped lips in their lives.

2.Favorite skincare brand?

I wouldn't say I have one... Simply? Maybe? I'm still working on the whole skin thing.

3.Favorite Flowers?

Another tricky question. I think I have a bit of a thing for bluebells, they're so pretty! But also foxgloves always really intrigued me.

4.Favorite clothes shops?

Primark? H&M? Whatever looks good and cheap from the window to be honest.

5.Favorite perfume?

Me in my element, wearing yellow and with food.

(don't judge me) Britney Spears fantasy. so good.

6.Converse, Vans or Toms?

I wear boots

7.Do you get good grades?

I don't even wanna talk about exams right now

8.Favorite colours?

Always been blue, but I mean, dodie yellow, of course.

9.Do you drink energy drinks?

nopity nope (see number 20!) - do I look like I need more energy?

10.Do you drink juice?

Only when mixed with vodka. ;)

11.Do you like swimming?

I LOVE swimming, possibly my favourite thing to do ever (apart from eating) and I'm so sad I've not been able to do it in Rome.

12.Do you eat chips with a fork?

What else would I eat them with?! Jokes, fingers if I'm feeling lazy, sometimes fork... depends what I'm having them with. Like, burger and chips? probably fingers. But fish and chips probably a fork, because the fish needs to be eaten with a fork! Unless it's scampi...

13. Whats your favorite Perfume or Cologne.

Did I not just answer this?! Check number 5. I hope someone buys me perfume after this (if not Spears then Hollister would do...)

14.Do you want to get married later on in life?

Maybe? But marriage isn't really too important to me, will depend on who I'm with/if I'm with anyone (though I like to think I will be).

15.Do you get mad easily?

That's a vague question, but I like to think I'm quite level headed. So, no?

16.Are you into ghost hunting?

hahah what?!?! I've never tried and think I'd get too scared, but ya know, willing to give anything a try.

17.Any phobias?

No.... (wasps&bees&spiders.)

18.Do you bite your nails?

Nope! Yay! Well, only if they need biting.

19.Have you ever had a near death experience?

Probably not but I've had moments where I thought I was going to die. Like multiple times on DofE, e.g. climbing up a rocky mountain stuck on a rock that was slipping beneath my feet.Scary as hell. Also (maybe TMI but why shouldn't I talk about it) a couple times I've had such terrible period pains I thought I was dying. Oh, the joys of being a woman!! I've died loads in dreams as well, so I'm going to count that just so I can say I'm cool. hell yeah.

Italian Coffee

20.Do you drink coffee?

I love coffee but can only handle decaff. I know, I make a terrible student. :'( And it's such a shame because the coffee here in Italia is delicious.

Well, those questions were terrible. Maybe I'll do another one of these at some point because I find it so funny when I realise I just don't even know things about myself that are meant to be easy. You never really take time out of your life to actually sit down and self-analyse. Probably because when you do you end up in tears with the realisation of how horrible a person you are! I'm kidding. I practice self-love, I promise.

Thanks for reading if you got so far, and thanks so much to everyone who has subscribed! If you haven't already, I'm sorry, you're missing out!

Lots of love, perhaps see you with a more serious and coherent post next time. Perhaps not. It's exams season leave me alone. (Don't leave me alone, please).

M x

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