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More Cancer Treatment! Burn Baby Burn

It's me! Back after another long break (remember when I said I'd blog more? I do... whoopsie).

Anyhoo, it's been a long couple of weeks for me, having had a full body PET-MRI and my usual chest CT, waiting for the results. Read my post on scanxiety if you want a little insight into how that felt (hint - not great!).

I had the scan results today and there's no new cancer in my bod - wahey!! But the lung mets are still there, of course, and although there aren't any new ones, two have grown enough that the docs think it is time to treat them. So I'm going to have the lung mets ablated. I'll link the Cancer Research description of ablation here, but it's basically a way of burning (technical language amirite??) the cancer cells in a very effective and not overly invasive way, and should only involve a 1 night stay in hospital.

They're only going to zap these two biggest mets, for various reasons, as they don't want to let them get too big and unablatable (at it again with the technical language!), and zapping too many in one go could do more harm than good to me.

Overall I'm very happy with these results. Obviously, more treatment isn't the best news, and I'd rather not have to have anything horrible done to me, but in the grand scheme of things this is a pretty good option and I'm happy to have the (at least 2!) mets out of my body! It is also good timing, as will be before uni so shouldn't affect my studies or anything, and comes after my year abroad. It's not a major operation, and I don't (yet) have to take any systemic treatment (drugs) so I'm pretty pleased.

It's my 21st birthday next week and I'm off to Croatia so hopefully the next few weeks will be happy and less anxiety-ridden.

Till the next time,

M x

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