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Santa Dash 2018!

Hey Guys!!

I'm not sure if you remember... But this time last year I made a post about the Santa Dash 2017 for Sarcoma UK, and I was unfortunately in Rome so couldn't participate. (click HERE for that post - weird to think this blog is now a year old!!!!)

Well, this year, the first Santa Dash ad that I saw, I clicked on, and signed up to. This makes me sound like a fun-run Christmas-fanatic. I am not. But I knew that I wanted to do this, especially as I made the excuse last year for why I couldn't participate.

So yes, I am doing the Santa fun run, for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), at Clapham Common on December 9th!! I'm hoping a couple of my family members will join me, as I dress as Santa and sweat my way through 5km, and maybe ring a bell like this happy Santa GIF above.

For some, this may sound easy, but even though I have been running now on and off for about 2 years, I still struggle with a 5k. I'm just a very slow runner, and I get bored - 30+ minutes of jogging is boring! If I get into a good podcast (for example, You me and the Big C ;) ), then it is a bit less of a painful feat, but even then... Often I simply lack the motivation to get up and go for a jog, particularly when it is cold, and I much prefer to go for a swim or head to the gym where I can vary my workout a bit more.

Nonetheless, I have wanted to do a fun-run for such a long time and I'm so happy to be raising for such a commendable cause, and I'm happy I can fund-raise for charities that aren't just cancer-charities (even though those are super super important and close to heart). If you don't know, GOSH is a children's hospital in London, that relies heavily on funding from the charity, and although it is an NHS hospital it would be nowhere near as specialised without such great support.

If at some point in my life I could do a marathon, or even a half-marathon I would be over the moon and hope to look back at this event as the best first charity run EVER.

Many thanks for reading,

Speak soon,

M x

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