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TriJanuary #teamyoumebigc

What is GOTRI?

GoTri is a non-profit organisation ran by British Triathlon that guides people through, and encourages people to take part in the triathlon i.e. cycling, swimming and running. To have a look check out their website, or their instagram @YourGoTri.

What is TriJanuary?

TriJanuary is a scheme to get people moving in January! I hate new years resolutions, and think businesses making money by shaming people into hating themselves is awful, however this is a non-profit organisation and is being endorsed by none other than Deb and Loz off of You Me and the Big C!!

After signing up and joining a team (choosing between distances of 15, 25 and 50k), you receive a very fun pack in the post (give me a calendar with stickers and I am v happy). Your next job is to get moving. The idea isn’t to strain yourself, you can choose how you divide up the distance, but if you are a beginner, you’re encouraged to try each sport out at least once! I for one love all 3, but think I’ll probably achieve a lot more running/cycling than swimming (or rowing, if you prefer)!! I love a swim but it is a lot more time consuming than cycling, say.

Team You Me and the Big C

The best team! Their distance is 15km, but you can of course do more! I’m currently on 10km so predict I’ll probably get more done - my aim is to do 15km of each running, cycling and swimming but really I’ll be happy if I at least do a bit of each. Having the calendars and stickers is really fun motivation (for me, anyway), and the whole scheme is just overall genius fun. #teamyoumebigc is a great one for anyone just getting into exercise, trying to move a little during treatment, or for anyone that wants to support a team that has an absolutely ace podcast…

So get moving!!

It is free and so easy to apply so I’d recommend literally anyone signing up and giving it a go! The teams seem pretty competitive too so if nothing else you’ll be giving them more points, however that system works (I’m not sure what the prize is but it’s exciting nonetheless). For the 15k you could literally do less than 1km a day and get the distance covered. Why not give it a go?

Thanks for reading and I hope this has inspired you in some way to move or take part in something fun this month.

M x

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