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Long time no see...

This blog is still alive!! It has not died, it is still here, but some things have prevented me from posting for about 2 months. I'm a student okay!!

Not to make excuses, but have you ever heard of a dissertation? It's the most gruelling exercise of your university career (so they say) and yes, I handed mine in about a week ago. WOOHOO!!!

I had quite a lot of work to do on it, and wanted to engross myself in it wholly, hence not much time has been made for much else - I'm sorry blog, I love you I promise!

Now it is done, I just (just, ha) have exams left, and then come June I am free from the grips of education. Freeeeeeeeeee! At that point I hope I will have a bit more brain space to write more blogs, as I really want this page to grow and become a helpful resource for young people like me :D (i.e. super cool rocking-it-cancer-patients).

I did intend for this post to be a really good update blog, but really it is merely a segue into my next few actually interesting posts. I have nothing really to update. My health has been fabulous (apart from a bit of a rough cold/flu in Feb), cancer has not shown itself since my last scan in January (Yay!) and as of yet I don't have another appointment until after my exams in June. My studies have been, well, happening. My social life has been, somewhat suffering, but hunky dorey! Family is still going (winning!), and I've been earning money twice a week at my incredibly glamorous job at the Students Union (double-winning!!).

In sum, not much has happened other than submitting my dissertation (which is apparently a BIG THING), and simply living life. And I am actually pretty happy with that. Life is good, I can't complain and I have some fun and interesting blog ideas for the next few weeks. Yay!

Now, I did manage to miss important days such as World Cancer day, and an amazing concert held by my cousin for SarcomaUK (still getting over that).

I do intend to catch up and make some posts for what I missed, as I did have interesting blog ideas and things to say, but didn't manage to find the time. :( All will come in due course.

For now,

thanks for reading

and watch this space.

M x

p.s. one exciting thing has happened - I've booked flights to see my #sarcomasister @perpetuallymorningperson in Finland in September!!!! I am sooooo excited to finally meet the girl I've been chatting to for the past year! EEEEEeeeeeekkkkkk!! <3.

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