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  • Madeleine Cowey

Why we shouldn't be donating to cancer charities


I once saw a comment on Facebook post that explained why we shouldn't donate to cancer research. I have since found whole blog posts on the corruption of cancer charities, and how donating to them is a waste of time.

This initial comment however, was not about the commercialism of big charities, that they're not actually 'in it' for the patients, that barely any of the money actually goes to research etc., no. This comment was from a person who believed cancer research was pointless - not worth all the money and hassle. All it does is help sick (elderly, mostly) people live a few years longer.

We aren't much closer to a cure but are constantly coming up with ways of prelonging life, lives that are often viewed as not worth living - full of gruelling, painful treatments and illness. Why should we pay our money for inhumane research, when we could fund actual life-changing and enhancing charities?

To Agree or Not to Agree?

I instantly started to panic. Why the hell was I supporting these charities! I would rather die sooner than live through many more years of agony, wouldn't I? I, of course, want us to find a cure, but actually treatment that merely prolongs a lifeless life is not exactly what I'm about.

Why they are Wrong.

I have now realised how wrong I, and this commentor, and all of these anti-charity anti-cancer research bloggers were. These charities, for instance Cancer research, Macmillan, SarcomaUk, are doing so much more than these claims, and so many more cancer patients can now, thanks to these 'horrific' treatments, live much fuller, more fulfilling lives with cancer, even if that is through just a few more years. Moreover, aside from research for treatment options these charities help raise awareness, for prevention and diagnosis, they help patients find the information and help and support they need, and they provide comfort. Events such as the Race for Life are about more than fundraising, they are about remembering those who have or are suffering, those who have died from cancer, and uniting with a group of like-minded people.

The Benefits of Cancer Charities

I want as many years as I can get, with my family, my loved ones, friends, to see the world and just live.

Parents want even a few more months to spend with their children. Rachael Bland, for example, would have done anything for an extra year with her Freddie. Deborah James (both from the You Me and The Big C podcast) is doing everything she can to live as many more years as possible with her kids and can I just say is THRIVING.

The elderly want more time to make memories with their grandkids.

Children want more time to grow, experience life, be with their parents.

We all want more time, and a chance to live.

Without the life-saving research of cancer charities, lives would have been cut short, and so many people alive today would not be alive, even if their prospects of living a full life are still slim because there is no 'cure'.

I believe in choice and free will. We have free will at any point to stop treatment, say no, enough is enough.

We should have the opportunity for more research. New findings are helping people around the world right now.

In the last 40 years, cancer survival rates have DOUBLED.

Now tell me all the research has been a waste of time and money.

It is never not worth it.

I'm not trying to convince people to donate to cancer charities over other charities, I merely want to shed light on the positive impacts of research. No, we are not close to finding THE cure, but that is because there isn't one (blog post to come on that topic soon), however we have made some incredible positive movements and a lot of that is down to donations to charities.

That's me over and out for now! Won't link in the blog I found on this topic but literally type it in to google and I am sure you will find some of the crazy theorists out there.

M x

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