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The SarcomaUK Big Picnic

Last weekend I hosted The Big Picnic as part of Sarcoma Awareness Week 2019.

On Saturday we hosted a bake sale in our front garden. We had lots of lovely visitors - including a fundraising officer of Sarcoma UK who enjoyed a brownie, and I rather enjoyed spending all day shouting about sarcoma.

Thanks to my sister, the baker of the house, we had lots of delicious treats - banana bread, triple choc chip cookies, cupcakes, brownies, as well as ice lollies and squash for the hot weather! We managed to raise £125, but more importantly A LOT of awareness for sarcoma. I spoke to so many people, and only two had heard of sarcoma before. The whole point of the week is to make more people aware of sarcoma, what it is and how to spot it, so to help in my small way felt amazing.

On Sunday, thanks to my mum and dad and sister for their help, we hosted a lovely BBQ and picnic for friends and family. It was a wonderful day, we raised lots of money again and it was great to have so many people I love in one place, all for the same reason.

Events like these are of course great for awareness, and for raising money for charity, however I think they are also so important for morale, to know you are all there having a good time, for a good reason; for me it is especially lovely to have so many people around willing to support a cause I am so passionate about, and to know that all my close friends and family are happy to hear me ramble on about sarcoma and cancer as much as I like!

I am so happy to say we have raised over £400 on online donations, cash donations and facebook donations for SarcomaUK. If you would like to donate I will link the JustGiving page below.

My step cousin, Amy, has also written an article for the South West Londoner interviewing me for Sarcoma awareness week (Which has been shared on twitter and facebook by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn!). I am beyond delighted with it and the publicity Sarcoma is getting as a result and I will also link that below if you would like to give it a read.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

M x



SarcomaUK website

Amy's article

Jeremy Corbyn's tweet

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