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Merry Christmas and a Happy New *Tier*!

Hey Guys!

What a year, eh? And, what a month too?? I feel like every blog this year has had the same kind of vibe, a kind of 'what the hell is happening?!' vibe. But hey ho here we go again.

As Christmas arrives, so does a new 'tier' for most of us across the UK, and so do so many more strains of coronavirus it would seem. Well, tralalalalalalala.

To those not following UK news, the tiered system is how we're managing the pandemic, with tier 1 imposing the fewest restrictions and tier 4 basically being full-on lockdown. Less than a week before Christmas the government decided to plunge the capital into tier 4, which meant Christmas was cancelled... Tralalalalala!!

On top of rona this Christmas we have also been blessed with a Brexit deal today! Oh joy of joys. Anyone else simply thrilled?

Anyway, despite all this I am feeling pretty chipper this Christmas eve. I've got my bucks fizz in hand (well, currently on the table), there are lots of presents under the tree, and all in all it's been a festive-enough day. I'm feeling very lucky to have all that we have this Christmas, and feel grateful to live at home with my family and not be alone. Of course, I'm sad about not seeing family properly this year, but we're lucky to have working internet, and phones - what an age we live in! I can't wait to be able to hug all my friends and family but know I can wait until the vaccine gets rolled out - and you'd better believe I'll be right there when I get offered the vaccine!

I will keep this blog short and sweet and post a proper update at some point after Christmas. I really hope you've all managed to make this Christmas work for you, and you're all coping okay. I'm always here for a chat if you need someone to talk to, just pop me an email or follow me on Instagram.

For now, I shall leave you with a fun video I made today to celebrate the festive season this year, enjoy.

Until next time,

M x


P.S. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Small charities are suffering massively and are at risk of not surviving.

This year I have been taking part in the 500km Virtual Runner challenge, running/swimming/cycling 500k over the year, as well as taking on lots of random challenges each month! This is all in support of Sarcoma UK, the national sarcoma charity that funds vital research and support for patients and their families affected by the rare cancer. It is the ONLY charity for all sarcomas in the UK, and receives no government funding. If you want to support me, then you can donate whatever you can through this link. Even £1 would be greatly appreciated, and you can donate completely anonymously. Thank you!

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1 commentaire

03 janv. 2021

I just caught up with your Christmas blog on this 2nd day of 2021 and love your video performance of Feliz Navidad. Also, what a beautiful Christmas tree you have!!!! :)

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