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So... Lockdown 2.0, Trump is Crazy and Severe Terror Level: What's new?

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekend has been as restful and lovely as mine has. A lovely walk along the Thames yesterday with my boyfriend, and time spent in front of the TV today doing some crafts. Oh plus a trip to Lidl. I mean, what more could you want? Simplicity is bliss.

I also tried out my brand new 'Cancer On Board' badge this weekend on the train. They are a lovely UK based charity who give out these badges for free to cancer patients. The idea originated to allow cancer patients who don't look 'sick' to feel comfortable asking for a seat on public transport. I requested a badge recently, as although I am fit enough to stand on public transport so don't need it for that reason (yet), I think it might encourage people to keep more of a distance away from me. Which is always a positive. Let's hope it works eh!

Another rambly blog for you here, based on the events of the past few weeks, so settle in!

The news has been so boring the last few years, hasn't it? It's been a bit like this: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, election, election, Brexit, election, Corona, Corona, Trump, Corona, Brexit... not forgetting the odd sprinkling of natural disaster, climate change and anti-racism protests.

A lot has happened, and all of the above are extremely important, but is no one else sick and tired of hearing about Brexit and Coronavirus? OH and Donald Trump, of course, don't get me started on him.

As much as the news feels repetitive, it is also all moving so quickly. This time last month, I wouldn't have believed England would be in a second lockdown right now. Yup, I'm bringing that up, I'm sorry. But it is different this time - many services are still open, and we can go outside for as long as we want. So...we are practically... FREE!

It goes to show how quickly things can change. One minute we were being told there was no chance of a second lockdown, the next minute we're piling into the pubs secure in the knowledge that life will suck without them for the next month. I work in a pub and I can tell you that those 4 days before the current lockdown were crazy - people were drinking and socialising like the apocalypse was coming... And maybe it is, who knows at this point.

So, it's back on furlough for me, and I must say, I'm not missing the pub just quite yet... However! I am still working, as I also work as a nanny, meaning I'm still leaving the house and going off to work most days, which I think helps my sanity (and my bank account). So, I've not gone full on lazy lockdown mode, and have settled into a sort-of routine, getting up at 7am to nanny most mornings and getting into bed at about 10:30pm every night. It's kind of bliss...

All year I have been hearing people wishing 2020 to end, complaining about what an awful year it's been and willing time to speed up. Well, it has been a crap year in many respects, but I refuse to accept that 2020 has been a waste of a year. When you have an idea of how precious time is, it's difficult to hear people wishing the year away. Even if plans have been cancelled this year, and we've spent a lot more time at home than we would normally/would like to, that doesn't mean we've lost time. Everything that has happened this year and everything you've done has been worth something. I often beat myself up for not utilising this time at home/on furlough to the best of my advantage, for not using every minute of every day to 'better' myself or be productive. But what does it matter? I've still achieved plenty given the circumstances, and it's not necessary to be constantly 'achieving' something to be happy.

I have touched on this idea before, in my blog about corona/lockdown feeling like a bit like living with a cancer diagnosis, and in my blog about living more in the present and lowering our expectations of ourselves. Humans are incredible at adapting, and cancer patients are well used to constantly having to adapt, so this whole situation, whilst a bit crappy, is something we as a society have very quickly learned to adapt to. We will always find a way to bend the rules in such a way that our lives still feel somewhat 'normal', and we will always find a way of doing the things we love - even if through a screen.

We are in crazy times, though. Can somebody explain to me what's happening in America? Is it just me or is Trump acting like a 5 year old? You honestly couldn't make it up! I had so little faith that Biden was going to win this election, as I feel the last few years have shocked and let me down so much politically. But, he has won! It only took, like, 10 billion days to finally count the votes, but he did it. I cannot believe it, but am so so happy - which is kind of the opposite of what Trump is feeling (he really doesn't believe it, and he's devastATed). That people truly believe 5 or 6 million votes could somehow be 'illegal' or fraudulent is just pure desperation, right? Trump was claiming to have won by 'a LOT', when he was clearly losing... I just....have no words. But to any American readers - I'm so happy for you! And I hope you are celebrating! I can't wait to watch Trump dragged out of the White House come January :D. It is truly an election to go down in the history books, for many reasons, and I can't wait for kids of the future to learn about the ONE TERM President Trump.

And among all this, there have been more terrorist attacks in France and Austria and the UK terror threat level has been raised to 'severe'. What world are we living in? It all makes me very sad and it can be a lot to process in such a short space of time...

So, what do we all at times have to turn to in times like these? Good old escapism. I love it. When I'm at home a lot and am busying myself with various activities, I love to keep the TV rolling in the background (don't judge me here I know it's bad!). Just play rubbish - things like This Morning, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, whatever. The background noise is great and it's all so lighthearted, providing a perfect distraction from the depressing news. It is important to keep up with the news, but I think it's so important to limit it a bit, as listening to it all day long is a sure fire way to rile you up and put you in a bad mood.

I'm one for giving myself plenty to do and filling up my time with meaningless jobs and hobbies, too. For example, I've recently started a course in Health and Nutrition to fill up my time - and I'm rather enjoying it. It probably won't get me anywhere but hey it's always good to learn, isn't it?

I'm also distracting myself with CHRISTMAS. It may well still be November but who cares? Christmas is such a warming, nostalgic, cosy period so what better way to spend my time in lockdown (where lockdown is basically Sunday/Christmas day, every day)? I've been online-shopping for presents, (I may have also bought a few for myself), I have shamelessly been listening to Christmas music, enjoying the odd Baileys and I even made Christmas cookies last week. And it feels GREAT. Whatever Christmas looks like this year, we can still make the most of it and make it one to remember.

Have a lovely Sunday evening and a productive week guys. I'll be back soon with a less ramble-y and more put together blog soon (maybe :p). I've just needed these last couple of word vomit, more general blogs to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks so much for reading and sticking with me!

Lots of love,

M x


P.S. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Small charities are suffering massively and are at risk of not surviving.

This year I have been taking part in the 500km Virtual Runner challenge, running/swimming/cycling 500k over the year, as well as taking on lots of random challenges each month! This is all in support of Sarcoma UK, the national sarcoma charity that funds vital research and support for patients and their families affected by the rare cancer. It is the ONLY charity for all sarcomas in the UK, and receives no government funding. If you want to support me, then you can donate whatever you can through this link. Even £1 would be greatly appreciated, and you can donate completely anonymously. Thank you!

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